Fresh 48 Quick Tips | Phoenix Newborn Photographer

Fresh 48 sessions are such a special way to remember your baby exactly how they were during those first couple of days you spend together in the hospital. A couple of things you will need to know going into a Fresh 48 session:

1. Dress comfortable.

These sessions are usually done the day after you have given birth (or the 2nd day after giving birth) so dress in whatever makes you comfortable. Remember you are in the hospital so you don’t have to look impressive.


2. Swaddles. Bring lots of different swaddles.

We will use some to wrap baby in and then some to lay down underneath baby. Different swaddles will give your gallery a variety of images which is always fun!


3. Skip the outfits.

There will be plenty of time for outfits in baby’s future – but for this raw an emotional session, let’s skip it. I generally keep them wrapped up and only unwrap for detail shots of toes, fingers and I.D. bracelet which I generally suggest leaving baby in the hospital shirt or simple white newborn-sized (or smaller) onesie (I’ll have one on hand if you don’t have one).


4. Headbands and Wraps.

I bring a variety of muslin wraps and dainty little headbands for the girls with me but you are more than welcome to bring your own. Bonus points for sentimental stuff!


5. Props.

If you know my work, I’m not a huge fan of props to begin with but for these sessions, I don’t use any! The only exception are those cute letter boards announcing baby and their stats – those make for a fun addition to your photos. Feel free to bring in your own or if you are interested but do not own one, I have one I can bring as well.

These sessions are super relaxed; we go at the pace of the baby, always. They generally last about 45 minutes to an hour. Siblings are welcome to join as well as grandparents. But I do recommend not overcrowding the room so that we have plenty of space to work.

Best part… you will have your gallery within 48 hours of your session with me because I know how excited you are to share your brand new baby with the world!!!



The Allen’s New Arrival | Newborn Lifestyle

When I first began doing Newborn Lifestyle sessions I was COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone! I felt so overwhelmed. Are my settings right? Indoor lighting can be tricky! Is the family comfortable? I hope they see the vision I have. They weren’t expecting me to wrap up their baby in moss and surround them with flowers, right? You guys…that stress was awful.

But then, the second I completed editing my very first newborn lifestyle session and scrolled back through the images, my heart skipped a beat. THIS is amazing. The meaningful art that results from these sessions is sincere, sweet and so natural. Now, I am so comfortable, eager, and adore shooting Newborn Lifestyle sessions and absolutely, positively love the story behind each and every gallery I deliver.

From start to finish, I am with this family in a very vulnerable and intimate state. They just welcomed a new baby into their world. Who knows if they are sleep deprived or not. Their house, quite possibly was a wreck before I walked in – and NO you don’t have to clean up before I arrive. Each story and each family is so unique, different, and beautiful in their own way. The most amazing part of it all, is that they’re allowing and trusting me, to come into their world to capture them with their new love.

As I entered the Allen’s Pottery Barn styled home I was greeted by the fur baby of the house, Hepburn (yes, as in Audrey Hepburn – I know, that name is freakin’ adorable). You’ll see what I’m talking about as you view some of my favorite photos from their session below. One thing I want to provide for all of the families I get to work with, is comfort. I want you to completely be yourselves during our time together. That’s exactly what the Allen family did. We embraced every diaper change, swaddle, and nursing break. Newborns are such a beautiful thing and I love that when the gallery is complete and delivered, they get to relive that day when they welcomed me into their home and their newborn into their lives.

Being a photographer is such an honor and I am so grateful to the families that let me into their lives. Thank you.

TAKING BETTER PHOTOS OF YOUR KIDS | Phoenix AZ Childhood Photographer

Through the many daily shooting projects I’ve tackled, I’ve discovered that my most favorite thing to capture is just raw, natural childhood.

Just the everyday happenings around the house, or out and about.

Planning and posing stressed me out and we all know how much that stresses kids out. I discovered my love for observation, both of light and life. I’ve always been an observer, but that quality in me is the foundation of who I am as a photographer, and realizing that was a turning point for me.

1. Watch and wait

My first and probably most important tip, is to become an observer. Let the art of observation take over. Slow down and pay closer attention to your children’s habits, your environment, and of course, light. Even when your camera is not present, the constant observing is a must. It has to be constant. You become more aware of the simplest things and in doing so, you discover the ability to make the most ordinary things, extraordinary. You don’t just see the people and the world around you at face value, you see them deeper than that. By observing, you know what moments you want to capture and more importantly, where and when. You’ve observed your surroundings and the light and shadows that fall upon them, so your photos now have an edge.

2. Be ready

While observing is a huge part of attaining great photos of childhood, it’s not all of it. You have to be willing and ready. Keep your camera where it’s handy and don’t be surprised if you find yourself literally sprinting to it in order to capture a moment. My camera is usually found on the kitchen counter – central to all parts of the house and easy to grab if we’re playing outside. Keeping it out and easily accessible makes it easier to just grab it and catch a moment that you may otherwise pass up because you don’t feel like digging out your camera. Now, having said this, if all you have is your phone, don’t hesitate to use it! There is nothing wrong with capturing childhood with the camera in your phone. What they say is true – the best camera is the one you have with you. Plus, phones these days are capable of taking amazing photographs, I must say.

3. Let them be

You’ve been observing and you’ve got your camera ready, now what about those children? Well, just let them be. Focus on capturing true moments and memories. Be a silent shooter. If they notice you taking pictures, you can tell them, “it’s okay, I’m just watching, you don’t need to look at me”. I use that line a lot and typically, they will just keep doing what they were doing. Children don’t like to be forced into doing things, especially if they are currently having a good time. While you hope they will appreciate your efforts in documenting their childhood, you can’t expect them to really understand that while they are young. Just let them be kids and capture them the way they are.

Children want your attention and interaction – give that to them, even while photographing them. Make it fair for them! It’s not fair if all you do is take, take, take (their picture!) and never give back. Asking them questions and showing genuine interest makes them more likely to be agreeable when it comes to letting you photograph them without a fuss.

little girl having a tea party in her playroom

4. Bribery Works

Now, just because I’ve told you to let them be, doesn’t mean that has to be the case 100% of the time. Sometimes, some coaxing is a good thing. It doesn’t necessarily have to make it less natural either. You can set up the “scene” and then let them play or dance, or whatever they might be doing. Most of the time, they will add to your idea and make it even better. Through observing your surroundings, you know when and where the best light is, yes? So why not set your child up to play on a favorite spot of light? Or maybe it’s not necessarily the light that interests you in some cases, maybe it is just a favorite spot in the house. An environmental portrait that tells a story. Filling your children’s albums up with images that show where they lived as a child is a gift. I love looking back in old albums and seeing what my surroundings looked like. So, don’t be afraid to do a little coaxing. Use your judgement to decide if they are in a good enough mood for some persuading, and use some bribery too. It’s all about the give and take. If they aren’t in the mood, let them be and try again another time. Too much forcing will result in a negative relationship with you as the documentarian of your family.

5. Find the light

While we’re on the topic of a little bit of planning and persuading, I want to talk about light all by itself. Light is such an important factor, that it definitely deserves its own spot in a list of tips for capturing childhood. “How do you capture such magical moments?” “How do you make childhood look so amazing?” “You make the simplest things so extraordinary!” My response to this? Light. Light, when used well, will add magic to anything. I’m patient and observant and I utilize light to give my children’s images magic and drama. Now, this doesn’t mean that I only shoot during golden hour, in case that’s what you’re thinking. While that time of day is very magical, I’m drawn to more than just one type of light. You have to be when photographing childhood, because childhood is 24/7, not just one hour of each day. Soft window light on a cloudy day makes for stunning portraits and images of your child playing. Mid-afternoon light, beating down through the trees and blinds in your child’s room tells a story of when they’ve just woken up from their nap. The light always looks that way when you go to get them from their crib, and by capturing them there, in that light, you’ve instantly added magic and a deeper story to your photo. Just like a smell or a song, light can trigger a memory, too. Whether it’s a dramatic side-lit image, morning light, diffused light on a foggy day, or the last bit of light before turning in for the night, use it to tell the story of your children. Don’t rely on one type of light, but rather, use whatever light is available like clay – mold it and shape it to fit with the childhood moments before you.

6. Embrace the imperfections

Last but not least, let go of the idea of a perfect photograph. Embrace the imperfections of both your images and of life itself. Life with children is messy and loud. Let that show in your images. Don’t let an imperfect house stop you from capturing your children. Don’t let a grumpy child stop you either. In fact, I would even go so far as to suggest that pushing for the imperfections will strengthen your work. The perfectly imperfect photos, the rule breakers, those are the images that I find myself drawn to the most. The story in these images is deeper and often takes me back to another time. It gives me that balance between creating real life memories for my family and embracing imperfection as an artist and as a mom.

How to Take Better Photos of Your Kids | SweetLife Photography


Sweetlife Studio Debut : A Neutral North Phoenix Photography Studio

It all started 7 years and 10 months ago (roughly, haha!), on a hot, hot, super hot evening (by far the hottest day of my life) in August. I was 8 months pregnant and my sweet husband had hired a photographer and convinced me that I NEEDED to have maternity photos done. “If not for you babe, than for our unborn baby girl,” he said. Somehow he knew the collective “we” would appreciate having these images later on. Smart guy, right?

Anyway, I reluctantly agreed and went along for the shoot. Sweating miserably the entire time; still I persevered. For her. Little did I know, it was that very maternity session that opened my eyes to one of the biggest loves of my life. Photography.

Here in Arizona, most of us on-location photographers are forced into hiatus during the summer months. It’s just too hot to shoot outside. Which always reminds me of my sweaty maternity session. For years I’ve been offering in-home lifestyle sessions to families who (like me) happen to have summer pregnancies or summer baby’s but I know, in-home sessions are not for every family.

With that in mind, it is with great excitement that I debut Sweetlife Studio : A Neutral North Phoenix photography studio. I have put my heart, soul and muscle (well, to be completely honest, mostly my Hubby’s muscle but my vision) into creating my cozy, neutral dream studio that showcases my natural and simple style of photography. We took our dreary 3rd car garage/workshop/”stuff” collection space and converted it to one of my (new) favorite places to be!

My residential studio is the perfect location for a fresh, pure and simple portrait session for your maternity, newborn and growing baby. The studio is equipped with A/C (excellent indoor option for summer sessions, amiright?), wifi, a Mommy lounge/viewing area, soft neutral wraps for your newborn to snuggle up in, dainty tie backs, headbands and delicate bonnets and a handful of neutral, classic props to use during your child’s portrait session. Studio sessions are available year round.

Give me all the whites, creams, grays with a sprinkling of pastel blues and pinks. There’s no need for elaborate backdrop sets or busy prints and patterns. No trendy props or unnatural poses, I stick to timeless white, black and faux wood backgrounds and very minimal prop usage. I want you and your baby/child to be the star of the shoot. 

My sweet + simple style provides me the ability to create galleries full of classic, tasteful images that never date, never go out of style and you’ll never have to worry about your grown son or daughter being embarrassed of their baby photos. That, I promise.

Now Booking these Sessions

Simply Newborn sessions | Sitter/Milestone | First Birthday Cake Smash sessions | Simply Maternity studio sessions | Childhood Fine Art Portrait sessions

I will also be offering in-studio Seasonal Childhood Mini sessions. To give you an idea, this holiday season I’m thinking of hosting a Childhood Christmas Jammies mini session event! Make sure you’re on my VIP List to be the first to hear about these!

Whatcha think? Ready to book a session? Let’s play!

Send me a note, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Capturing Fatherhood : 5 Must have photos of dads with their kids

I think one of the sweetest things to photograph is fatherhood. There is something so real and honest about children and fathers; their bond and relationship is something that is so unique. Much like mothers have a special bond with their children, we can’t forget that dad’s do too.  And that’s something that’s important to document in photographs. With Father’s Day coming up, I wanted to share my 5 must have photos of Dad with his kids.


There is something so sweet about the way a father holds his child. No matter their age, photographing how a father embraces his child or children can create a very special photo. Even better, try to incorporate how the child holds their dad back. In the photo below, I love how little man has his arm around dad and is clearly loving the cheek smooches from daddy. It’s a good reminder that memories are made in the little details.


There are things that mommies tend to do and things that daddies tend to do, in terms of parenting. In the photo below, baby Liam’s daddy has the magic touch when it came to calming and easing baby Liam back to sleep during his newborn session. Keep your camera handy during bath time, perhaps he handles the bed time routine or even the household duties that daddy shares with the littles. There are such precious moments to be cherished no matter what the chore might be.


An important part of photographing fatherhood is photographing how your husband teaches your child. Whether this is learning to ride a bike, taking their first steps or an impromptu lesson on mountains at a family photo shoot, be sure to photograph the ways that your child learns from their daddy.


There is truly nothing better than hearing your child laugh, which means we will do just about anything to hear that sweet sound. But there is something about their laugh when daddy is tickling or chasing them. And that sound of your child giggling with your husband instantly puts a smile on your face. Make sure you capture what that laughter looks like for your child, in coming years they will appreciate those images so much.


Awww… the sweet and tender moments of a parent and their child showing love. Be sure to keep your camera out regularly (yes, even your iphone) and pick it up to photograph the candid moments that occur between father and child. Photographing fatherhood is done best when it is candid and true, so do your best to allow the scene to play out and not interfere. Candid captures are always my favorite photographs from sessions because they resemble the raw and true connection between dad and child.

Happy Father’s Day to all those amazingly awesome, sweet, supportive and strong Daddy’s out there!

Is a Simply Newborn studio session right for you?

With so many options in the newborn photography world, how do you know which session type is the right fit for you? In today’s blog post, I’m talking all about studio newborn portrait sessions and how to know if that’s the right session and style for your family.

I offer three types of  newborn sessions — studio sessions, lifestyle session in your home and Fresh 48 sessions at your hospital or birth center. Each one tells a different story, and offers a different perspective and style on newborn photography. Some families choose to do just one session, others do a combination of two (typically a Fresh 48 and then either a lifestyle or studio session), and still some Mama’s do all three!

Fresh 48 session are natural, raw, and filled with emotion. They are a peek into those first 24-48 hours of meeting your newborn baby and are simply magical. Sure, the hospital decorating choices might not be the most stylish place for photos and yes, you’re going to be (and look) exhausted because you just delivered a baby but these are moments you will never get back but will always cherish. Check out my post about why you might want to consider hiring a Fresh 48 photographer.

Lifestyle (family) sessions are a relaxed, intimate story telling session that provide a peek into life with a new baby, at home. I guide you into natural poses — sit together on the bed, move in close, look down at your baby. But the vibe is calm, relaxed and casual. I toss in some documentary shots of those sweet in between moments of soothing, breast feeding (if you choose) and diapering because that’s REAL life with a baby. Big sis, big bro and of course those furry family members are also included. Check out my post about lifestyle sessions to see if this might be the best fit for you!

But today, let’s chat about studio newborn sessions! Here are a couple things to consider when deciding if a Simple newborn studio session is for you. If these facts resonate with you, then a Simple newborn studio newborn session if probably the best fit for you!

1. You just don’t think you’re home (or you) are photo ready.

Girl. Listen, Mom to Mom…I get it. Housekeeping and Mom-keeping is not always at the top of the list once baby is home. But don’t sweat it. You are in the journey of a lifetime. Motherhood is no joke and those menial tasks should never weigh you down. I created my Simply Newborn studio session to remove that pressure of perfection.

2. You love timeless newborn portraits in a simple studio setup, of just the baby.

Babies are simple creatures. They are the definition of simplicity in tiny human form. I keep these studio sessions simple to allow that sweet energy to be captured. Simple (natural) poses, minimal props and neutral colors. If you enjoy clean, uncluttered simple backdrops, this session is perfect for you.

3. You like a more posed newborn session that incorporates props.

Does your heart skips a beat when you see those dainty girly headbands? I have a beautiful collection of headbands, wraps, blankets and faux furs in the studio to pose your baby on.  Are sleepy baby photos a goal? At the studio it’s easier to get the baby to sleep because I keep it a toasty 80 degrees with white noise in the background. 
scottsdale lifestyle newborn photographer

Newborn boy swaddled in white and gray wrap on gray shag rug

4. Mama deserves a break.

From the moment you step foot into my studio, you can just sit back and relax (with the exception of breast feeding babies). I will be your baby handler for the 1-2 hours we spend together. My Mom Lounge/viewing area is a place you can see what’s going on but without the stress of always being in the photo or worrying about fussiness. Wi-Fi, snacks and reading materials are offered to help you zone out and let me know do my thang!

Does a Simply Newborn studio session feel like the right fit for how you would like to document your newborn?

If so, get in touch while you’re still pregnant. Simply Newborn studio sessions are penciled in on the calendar based on your due date (and the two weeks on either side of that date). Then as soon as your baby arrives, you let me know so we can select a date. It’s important that studio sessions take place (ideally) within the first two weeks of baby’s arrival, so don’t delay!

Is your baby older than two weeks? Check out my at-home Lifestyle sessions. They are also a great alternative for the Mama that needs some extra recovery time (like c-section Mama’s. Like me…twice!)

WELCOME HOME, MATTIE : A Lifestyle Newborn session

Family newborn sessions always steal my heart. There is something to special about being invited into a family’s home to capture their new reality of life with a brand new baby. I love being able to use elements of home to tell the story.

But it’s more than just making sure the family (and Miss Mattie, here) has photos to look back on.

THIS is the beautiful house she was brought home to.

THIS is what her gorgeous nursery looked like.

Just look at Mom + Dad and the outpouring of love for each other and their baby girl.

These are the things that make in-home lifestyle newborn sessions so magical. It’s truly an honor to help family’s tell their new love story. And what a blessing it will be in the coming years for Mattie to get to see how her story began. 

Mattie’s beautiful Central Phoenix home was filled with natural light. We started off in the living room in front of a very large picture window in a simple wrap on a fur rug that I brought from the studio. As she drifted off to sleep, I positioned the family on their living room couch for some family snuggle time. This location shows a hint of their personal style (the handsome leather couch and end table details). 

Next, we moved into Mattie’s meticulously decorated coral and light gray nursery. The details are never lost on me which is why I ask in my pre-session questionnaire what colors or theme is present. I do my very best to select props and colors that will coordinate or compliment Mama’s styling. Again, the only lighting present is from her west facing bedroom window.

Now onto the master bedroom. I absolutely love incorporating Mom + Dad’s space simply because it symbolizes a welcoming of the baby to the family. The master bedroom window light was on the north side of the house which provided some dramatic and soft lighting – perfect for daddy/daughter shots.

At the end of the session, as Miss Mattie started telling us she has had enough of being a supermodel, we moved back into the living room for a few more family shots. This time, fur brother, Tex (still a puppy himself) was included. Have I mentioned yet how much I LOVE including pets? How handsome is that sweet face?

Here are some more Lifestyle Newborn sessions for inspiration!

Baby Cooper

Baby Siya

Unsure if an in-home session is your style? Check out my post on How to Know if a Lifestyle Session is Right for You!

Is a Lifestyle Newborn Session right for you?

Newborn photos are a MUST HAVE these days. They don’t just celebrate the arrival of your baby but they can also commemorate the new addition to the family. A great way to tell your family newborn story is at home. In this blog post, I’m sharing tips on how to know if an in-home lifestyle newborn session is the right session for you.

Overhead view of newborn in Moms arms | Scottsdale Newborn Photographer | SweetLife Photography

I offer three types of  newborn sessions — studio sessions, lifestyle session in your home and Fresh 48 sessions at your hospital or birth center. Each one tells a different story, and offers a different perspective and style on newborn photography. Some families choose to do just one session, others do a combination of two (typically a Fresh 48 and then either a lifestyle or studio session), and still some Mama’s do all three!

Fresh 48 session are natural, raw, and filled with emotion. They are a peek into those first 24-48 hours of meeting your newborn baby and are simply magical. Sure, the hospital decorating choices might not be the most stylish place for photos and yes, you’re going to be (and look) exhausted because you just delivered a baby but these are moments you will never get back but will always cherish. 

Simply newborn studio sessions are geared toward the mama who wants an entire gallery of just baby (siblings are welcome, too) but doesn’t want to worry about preparing the house, her family or herself for photos (girl, I get it!). This natural, baby led posed session takes place in my North Central Phoenix studio with access to my neutral collection of newborn props. Think a studio session might be more your style? Check out this blog post to be sure!

But let’s chat about in-home LIFESTYLE newborn sessions! Here are a couple things to consider when deciding if a lifestyle newborn session is for you…

You have lots of natural light in your home.

Photographers need light to create an image. The more light, the better! It’s incredibly difficult to do that in a home with small windows and dark rooms. I always seek out locations in a home with a large window or sliding glass door and shoot there. I typically seek out the master bedroom, nursery and main living room as these locations tend to have the most access to natural light.

You prefer a more relaxed, natural, unposed style that includes the family.

Lifestyle (family) sessions are a relaxed, intimate story telling session that provide a peek into life with a new baby, at home. I guide you into natural poses — sit together on the bed, move in close, look down at your baby. But the vibe is calm, relaxed and casual. I toss in some documentary shots of those sweet in between moments of soothing, breast feeding (if you choose) and diapering because that’s REAL life with a baby. Big sis, big bro and of course those furry family members are also included.

You’re Not looking for the “baby in a bucket” newborn portraits.

To be clear, NONE of my newborn sessions are super posed. And I don’t love props (aside from the dainty headband and swaddle wrap). I don’t ever put baby into a pose that doesn’t come natural to them (i.e froggy pose or the infamous baby holding their head in that hands). While cute, those poses just aren’t natural for a newborn and I prefer to showcase baby’s pureness while creating timeless images that don’t require a naked and posed baby. At home, a swaddle is our best friend and used for most of the session. Being wrapped helps baby stay settled and sleepy (yes, even if your baby doesn’t seem to like to be swaddled – I’ve got tricks!). I may capture a few portraits of baby in just a diaper on the bed, or in a neutral onesie in the family shots.

You love portraits filled with emotion.

Photographs are a moment frozen in time. A moment that you will never get back but can always relive by looking at the images. Newborns are tiny for such a short amount of time and the newness wears off. The expression of tremendous love is truly priceless.

You want your pets to be involved in the session.

Your fur baby was your first baby. So many families would love to capture their ENTIRE family together, including their beloved pets. Lifestyle sessions are the perfect way to include your dogs or cats and I’m a HUGE animal lover so I love incorporating them into family shots and special candids of your baby’s new best friend/protector.

Scottsdale in-home newborn photographer | Sweetlife Photography

You put a lot of thought and care into decorating the nursery. You’d love to remember it exactly as it is and share it with your baby years from now so they can see their first bedroom.

You spent endless hours looking at bedding, mobiles, furniture and decor for your baby’s nursery. You spent months pulling everything together, arranging the sentimental gifts, toys and books. You stood back and imagined yourself holding your baby in your arms while rocking in the glider. You walk by their room everyday and are reminded of the tiny new tenant that is about to move in.

phoenix az lifestyle newborn photographer

Does a Lifestyle Newborn session at home feel like the right fit for how you would like to document your newborn?

For studio/posed newborn photography it is of the utmost importance to schedule the session before the baby is two weeks old. But a perk to scheduling a lifestyle newborn session is that the age of baby doesn’t really play a key factor. I encourage mom and dad to take their time getting settled back in at home. After all, Mom might need a few extra days for recovery (especially if you are a c-section mommy, like I was…twice) and big brother or sister is still getting used to the idea of the new baby. A lifestyle in-home newborn shoot can be scheduled anytime. Your baby could be 6 weeks old! The focus is the interaction and connection between the new baby and the family, his or her new surroundings and is much less centered around obtaining the sleepy baby shots.

Not feeling the lifestyle session?? It’s all good Mama, let’s find out if a Simply Newborn studio session is a better fit for you!

WHY I DON’T POSE NEWBORNS | Phoenix Natural Newborn Photographer

When I tell people I’m a photographer, I get all sorts of questions depending on who I’m talking to, but I get some more than others.

One of the main assumptions is that all newborn photographers are created equal. Well, they aren’t. Studio photographers are experts at posing newborns on bean bags, in buckets or baskets. They have a fantastic collection of backdrops and props and swaddle wraps. I tried my hand at the newborn posing and early on bought tons of props and a bean and a backdrop stand and had a hearty collection of wraps and beanies. I soon found out, that style of photography just is not MY thing.

The reason I got into newborn photography in the first place is because I was obsessed with taking pictures of my first daughter when she was a baby. I wanted to remember every dimple, every smile, hell, even the newborn acne. I wanted to remember it all.

I tried to figure out what kind of newborn photographer I wanted to be and scoured Pinterest, staring at posed newborns, but the shots that stood out the most were the babies in their natural environment. I certainly did not connect with the perfectly composed with flawlessly airbrushed skin (because that’s what I called it before I knew the ins and outs of photo editing), bundled in a basket in a studio, those images just don’t tell the story I want to tell. That, my friends, is why I don’t pose newborns. I walk in, and I let my clients be with their babies. Soak them in, let them make that silly face they make, or put their hand up by their face like they did in an ultrasound. I photograph them in their own homes, mess and all, because I can guarantee that will all be one big blur in a few years, and I want to bring my clients right back to that moment, when they had a wriggly little cooing newborn in their arms, and were exhausted, overwhelmed, and so grateful to have this new life join their family.

Am I speaking your language? If so, go here to find out more about my newborn sessions. If you are early on in your pregnancy, or thinking of getting pregnant and are interested in a session but not quite sure if my style is for you, read more about it here!

And if now just isn’t the right timer if you aren’t in need of a newborn photographer, join my VIP LIST and stay in-the-know with photography tips and tricks for capturing your own sweet life and get the first look at deals and mini session dates!