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I love cake smash photography sessions. They are my favorite. There. I said it! But seriously, one year olds are so much fun. Sure, there is a lot of chasing and ridiculous silliness from me, but their curiosity and innocence is second to none!

I met this gorgeous family on a recent Spring (or shall I say more like Summer) morning at my favorite wash location in north Phoenix. She greeted me with a very enthusiastic smile and perfect little wave.

Phoenix Baby and Family photographer {www.sweetlife-photography.com}

Phoenix Baby Photographer {www.sweetlife-photography.com}

North Phoenix Family photographer {www.sweetlife-photography.com}Phoenix Baby and Family Photographer {www.sweetlife-photography.com}

 “Charlie, how old are you?” and she held up her tiny pointer finger and I melted. Literally, tears in my eyes it was so precious. She carried that sweetness throughout her whole cake smash photo session and maintained that adorable toothy grin the entire time.

Love, love, love…

North Phoenix Baby's First Year Photographer {www.sweetlife-photography.com}Phoenix Baby Cake Smash photographer {www.sweetlife-photography.com}

Phoenix Cake Smash photographer {www.sweetlife-photography.com}