Baby and Child Sessions

Let them be little. They're only this way for a while.

Child photography sessions are the heart (and soul) of my business. I’m not into props, I’m into freckles, crooked teeth, crazy hair and carefree attitudes. I offer both on-location, outdoor child sessions and in-home lifestyle child sessions.


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Outdoor child sessions

These parent-free sessions are focused entirely on the littlest members of the family with a goal of capturing your child/children’s growth & developmental stage. The love between siblings, the silliness of a newly talking 2 year old, or the look your 6 year old gives you that melts your heart are the moments I capture with my child photography sessions.

Child-Only sessions are designed for kiddos age 3 months to 18 years (yes, this includes high school senior photos) at an outdoor location in Phoenix, Glendale or Scottsdale*




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In-home lifestyle child sessions

Lifestyle sessions are perfect to capture your child in their element.  We plan the session totally around their interests.  Think about jumping on the bed, sidewalk chalk, running through the sprinklers, playing tea party with a sibling, or doing whatever your child does, right at home.

Capture those moments that only you as parents get to see, in photos.  Lifestyle shoots are timeless. You will look back at the photos and remember your children as they were.  When your kids are adults someday and ask you, “Mom, what was I like as a kid?” you’ll have these priceless images to show them.


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