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Cake Smash sessions are so fun! I mean, what’s more fun than capturing a One Year Old exploring the world of sugar and frosting!

Sugar high’s aside, there is a certain level of stress and pressure that come with a cake smash photography session.

Think about it. For the most part, we are ALL told that sugar is evil so many (if not all) of us moms want to protect our pure and precious tiny people from the addiction to sugar that we fight on the daily! It has become extremely common that because the little’s have not been introduced to sugar, many show very little interest in their cake or completely refuse to touch it all together. Now, with that said, some are easier to coax into trying the cake than others (I have some tactics I suggest during sessions that help) but the preconceived expectations that Pinterest puts in our heads are not fair to these kiddos.

So Moms, whether we capture your birthday boy or girl “smashing” their cake or if they’d prefer their Puffs instead… I can promise some adorable photos of their expression when they first see it and the intrigue as they explore the cake.
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