Fresh 48 Quick Tips | Phoenix Newborn Photographer

Fresh 48 sessions are such a special way to remember your baby exactly how they were during those first couple of days you spend together in the hospital. A couple of things you will need to know going into a Fresh 48 session:

1. Dress comfortable.

These sessions are usually done the day after you have given birth (or the 2nd day after giving birth) so dress in whatever makes you comfortable. Remember you are in the hospital so you don’t have to look impressive.


2. Swaddles. Bring lots of different swaddles.

We will use some to wrap baby in and then some to lay down underneath baby. Different swaddles will give your gallery a variety of images which is always fun!


3. Skip the outfits.

There will be plenty of time for outfits in baby’s future – but for this raw an emotional session, let’s skip it. I generally keep them wrapped up and only unwrap for detail shots of toes, fingers and I.D. bracelet which I generally suggest leaving baby in the hospital shirt or simple white newborn-sized (or smaller) onesie (I’ll have one on hand if you don’t have one).


4. Headbands and Wraps.

I bring a variety of muslin wraps and dainty little headbands for the girls with me but you are more than welcome to bring your own. Bonus points for sentimental stuff!


5. Props.

If you know my work, I’m not a huge fan of props to begin with but for these sessions, I don’t use any! The only exception are those cute letter boards announcing baby and their stats – those make for a fun addition to your photos. Feel free to bring in your own or if you are interested but do not own one, I have one I can bring as well.

These sessions are super relaxed; we go at the pace of the baby, always. They generally last about 45 minutes to an hour. Siblings are welcome to join as well as grandparents. But I do recommend not overcrowding the room so that we have plenty of space to work.

Best part… you will have your gallery within 48 hours of your session with me because I know how excited you are to share your brand new baby with the world!!!



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