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I'm So Happy You're Here

Heyyyy! I’m Amanda. 

Not gonna lie, writing this ABOUT ME page is awkward for me. Because, it’s not really about me. This is about you and figuring out if I am the right the photographer for you.

So, let’s do this. 

First and foremost…. I’m a mom. I truly believe it’s the best job in the world. No seriously. I mean, yes it’s trying and tough and not for the weak willed (like at all), but I adore the journey. I actually started this whole “photography thing” when my oldest daughter was brand new. I simply couldn’t fight the overwhelming desire I had to capture her everyday cuteness and my ol’ 2009 iPhone camera just wasn’t cutting it. Enter… my first fancy camera. Six years, 3 fancy cameras and a second baby girl later (yep, #girlmomlife), photography is so much more than taking pictures for me. It’s become a solution to a problem so many of us Mama’s share; to find a way to freeze time. Just push pause and enjoy this very moment forever.

I’m a natural light, life-inspired family photographer, meaning I LIVE for real-life family moments. Real connection. I love when little boys dig in the dirt, and little girls are excited to show me how their dress twirls. I can’t get enough baby yawns, snuggles, tickle fights and impromptu dance parties (on shoots AND at home).

I’m all about capturing family life simply and naturally. No forced smiles, no “say cheese”… just your family, me and my camera enjoying some time together. That’s it.

It is with my whole heart that I believe there is nothing more valuable in this world than family and the memories we create with them – photographs preserve a moment and allows us to relive it as often as we want. I would love the chance to freeze time for your family.

I’m excited to meet you and your tribe!

Borst family photo by Karina Endsley 


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