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Mama Melissa


Motherhood is miraculous. The journey is unlike anything you’ll ever experience. It was my own maternity session that set my appreciation for maternity photography into motion. I, for one, certainly didn’t feel “glam” enough to be in front of the camera. It took some convincing from my sweet hubby, but I am so grateful I have the images now. My girls love flipping through my maternity albums and seeing “their baby bump.”

I love being able to offer that keepsake and experience to gorgeous mama’s on their journey. Including this featured mama right here. She’s a SweetLife celebrity and has graced these pages before as this beautiful lady is a second time SweetLife Maternity Mama!

Her poise and undeniable beauty certainly made my job easier but pair that with a gorgeous Arizona desert sunset and it’s pure Maternity Magic!

An Arizona desert maternity session has such an ethereal feel to them and have quickly become a favorite photography session I shoot.

Arizona desert maternity session | Sweetlife PhotographyArizona desert maternity session | Sweetlife PhotographyArizona desert maternity session | Sweetlife Photography

Field of Dreams | North Phoenix Maternity Photographer

You guys, I’m way behind on sharing. So I’m playing catch up. This month marks the one year anniversary (I’m blushing that its been that long) of when I met up with this beautiful couple at one of my favorite outdoor photo locations in North Phoenix. The first thing I picked up on was their hippie/rocker vibe. I knew I would LOVE the photography session with them.

Their energy was so peaceful, playful and they were so cute with each other. I felt like an authentic lifestyle photographer (#dreamcometrue). They were totally comfortable being themselves in front of my camera. There is a saying in the lifestyle photography world to never actually tell clients to “just be yourself.” I mean, even I am not sure what to do with those lofty directions. But with these two, it didn’t even cross my mind. They just doted on each other and giggled about their new baby on the way. Such a delightful experience!

If I haven’t said it lately… I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY JOB! <3

Maternity Photographer in Phoenix {www.sweetlife-photography.com}Maternity Photographer in North Phoenix {www.sweetlife-photography.com}

North Phoenix Maternity Photographer {www.sweetlife-photography.com}

North Phoenix Maternity Photographer {www.sweetlife-photography.com}

Phoenix Maternity Photographer {www.sweetlife-photography.com}

Pop of Pink | Phoenix Desert Maternity Photographer

Confession: As this gorgeous mama stepped out of the car, it just blurted out of my mouth… “oh. my. gosh. you look like you literally swallowed a basketball. You look amazing!”

Now, some could take offense to the comment, I suppose (I’m certain this mama has heard that comment before as she just giggled and politely smiled). But I really meant it as a sincere compliment. It was out of complete envy I blurted that out. I only WISH I had looked so stunning during my pregnancies!

I must hand it to the beautiful pregnant ladies I’ve been photographing lately. You ladies make growing a baby look BEAUTIFUL!!! I mean, check this gorgeous girl out!! She’s literally glowing in the truest sense of the word. Everything is tiny with exception of that adorable baby bump. She lit up the desert for her session with me and daddy-to-be was more than happy to be her arm candy.

Ya’ll, Phoenix is in bloom… book your spring photo session with me today! 

North Phoenix Desert Maternity Photographer | SweetLife PhotographyNorth Phoenix Desert Maternity session -- SweetLife Photography

North Phoenix Desert Maternity Photographer :: SweetLife PhotographyNorth Phoenix Maternity Photographer :: SweetLife Photography

Phoenix Desert Maternity Session :: SweetLife Photography