Birthdays on the Farm

We celebrated my two tiny muses birthday's at a most wonderful little homestead farm in Gilbert, AZ. They turned 7 and 4 years old this month. This mama can hardly wrap her mind around that fact. I swear it was less than a year ago that I met my Addison for the first time. Geez, I know it's cliche, but man times flies. So before I burst into tears, I have to share about this cute farm. I have Instagram to thank for this gem of a find. Sweet Molly and her hubby own Love Story Films - a wedding video company (oh but its so much more than video, go check them out). Their work is awe-inspiring to say the least! They also own this picture perfect farm out in Gilbert where photographers (like yours truly) can rent time on their farm. To scout it out, my hubby and I took our wanna-be farm girls to do their capturing childhood birthday photoshoot - a tradition I started when Addison turned one - and I've successfully kept up with.

My girls LOVE animals and we had such fun playing with Molly's piglets, goats and chickens. Their farm provides a backdrop for images that are guaranteed to put a smile on anyone's face and an experience worthy of capturing.

I'm already planning my next visit to their farm. Who's with me?? Stay tuned for more on that... ;-)