Capturing Fatherhood : 5 Must have photos of dads with their kids

I think one of the sweetest things to photograph is fatherhood. There is something so real and honest about children and fathers; their bond and relationship is something that is so unique. Much like mothers have a special bond with their children, we can't forget that dad's do too.  And that's something that’s important to document in photographs. With Father's Day coming up, I wanted to share my 5 must have photos of Dad with his kids.

  1. Their Embrace

There is something so sweet about the way a father holds his child. No matter their age, photographing how a father embraces his child or children can create a very special photo. Even better, try to incorporate how the child holds their dad back. In the photo below, I love how little man has his arm around dad and is clearly loving the cheek smooches from daddy. It’s a good reminder that memories are made in the little details.


2. How He Helps

There are things that mommies tend to do and things that daddies tend to do, in terms of parenting. In the photo below, baby Liam's daddy has the magic touch when it came to calming and easing baby Liam back to sleep during his newborn session. Keep your camera handy during bath time, perhaps he handles the bed time routine or even the household duties that daddy shares with the littles. There are such precious moments to be cherished no matter what the chore might be.


3. How He Teaches Them

An important part of photographing fatherhood is photographing how your husband teaches your child. Whether this is learning to ride a bike, taking their first steps or an impromptu lesson on mountains at a family photo shoot, be sure to photograph the ways that your child learns from their daddy.


4. How He Makes Then Laugh

There is truly nothing better than hearing your child laugh, which means we will do just about anything to hear that sweet sound. But there is something about their laugh when daddy is tickling or chasing them. And that sound of your child giggling with your husband instantly puts a smile on your face. Make sure you capture what that laughter looks like for your child, in coming years they will appreciate those images so much.


5. Candid Moments The Show Love

Awww... the sweet and tender moments of a parent and their child showing love. Be sure to keep your camera out regularly (yes, even your iphone) and pick it up to photograph the candid moments that occur between father and child. Photographing fatherhood is done best when it is candid and true, so do your best to allow the scene to play out and not interfere. Candid captures are always my favorite photographs from sessions because they resemble the raw and true connection between dad and child.


Happy Father's Day to all those amazingly awesome, sweet, supportive and strong Daddy's out there!