First of all... I know that being in front of the camera can be a little nerve wracking. Ok. A LOT nerve wracking – that’s why I’d rather be behind the camera telling people what to do, than to be in front of it. HA! But it's with that in mind that I came up with these five things Moms should know before their family session to make it a success! Let's dig in!

5 Things Every Mom Should Know Before their Family Session

1. TRUST YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER. I pinky promise to help guide you through the process, make you feel more comfortable and capture sweet moments you didn’t even know were naturally happening. ;-)

2. THINK THROUGH YOUR WARDROBE. Many people don’t realize how much their clothing choice affects the style and tone of their photos. Think about how you want your photos to feel and look, then base your clothing choices around those concepts. *Bonus tip: Always, always choose YOUR outfit first and build the family’s outfits around you.

For more in depth style suggestions, feel free to peruse my Family Style Pinterest board for inspo. If, the style board doesn't provide you with enough direction, I'll also provide you with a private access code to the online styling program that I’m obsessed with! Read more about that HERE. And always know, I am more than happy to be your photo-outfit-choosing-bestie and offer honest feedback on your family style choices. ;-)

3. PLAN TO ARRIVE EARLY. The stress of having to turn around because you forgot your daughter’s shoes or hitting that 5th red light will absolutely show on your face. We don't want that. Plan on arriving 5-10 minutes before your session (yes, even for mini sessions) to ensure you have plenty of time for travel and to regroup before it begins.
Arriving early also helps the children because you can walk around the location and get them comfortable before they are asked to "perform." Sometimes children just need to familiarize themselves with their new environment to help encourage comfort and confidence for the photos. When everyone is relaxed and comfortable, I will have a much easier time capturing natural and honest photos of you instead of spending time relaxing everyone.

Once the camera comes out, just be you. And more importantly, let your children be themselves. My style of photography embraces real life and the beauty in the chaos (I promise it’s there!!!) - let your kids be kids and you just enjoy them. In the years ahead, you will be so thankful that I’ve captured your tribe in a real way instead of the nervous deer in the headlights with forced "cheese" smiles staring blankly at the camera. Don’t be intimidated (and please don't apologize) when your kids become lively, I love capturing their personalities! Try to go with the flow and let your kids guide you and the session. It also helps if you allow them to bring their beloved stuffed animal or blankie if it makes them feel more comfortable - especially if they insist, it's just not a fight worth having, ya know ;-) Instead, think of it as another adorable childhood trait you'll have captured to reflect on later.

5. SMILE. ALL THE TIME. When you are in front of my camera, it is fair game! Make sure you are smiling the whole time, you never know when one of those in between moments is going to be your favorite photo. Just keep reminding yourself how fleeting and precious these moments are with your children... and keep on smiling.

Those are them! The top 5 Things Every Mom Should Know Before Their Family Session… I bet you’re super chill about family photos now! ;-)

Who’s ready to take some family photos???