Tips for taking photos of your child in their Halloween costume



I don't know about you, but just as we find our rhythm with school and family life, here comes Halloween to stir up some excitement. The stores are stocked with cute costumes and the kids can’t wait to get dressed up and go trick or treating! I don’t blame them really. Those Skittles mini packs are my weakness! This is the perfect time of year to snap some Halloween photos of your adorable pirates and princesses. I’ve put together 5 super simple tips for capturing photos of your child in their Halloween costume.

1. Don’t wait until Halloween.

This one will save you lots of stress, I promise. Don’t wait until right before you go trick or treating to try and snap Halloween photos. Your kids all dressed up and ready to go. If you ask them to stop and pose, you’re setting yourself up for disaster. Trust me. Instead, take them out a few days before and make it fun (we call it a dress rehearsal in our house)! Have them get into character and they’ll love it!

2. Find the light.

Light is the most important element in photography. It can make or break a photo. The best time of day to shoot is either early in the morning or late in the afternoon about 1-2 hours before the sun sets. The sun is low in the sky so you won’t have to worry about ugly shadows like you would if you took pictures in the harsh midday sun. If you have to shoot indoors, get your child close to a big window, open the blinds and face them TOWARD the window. You need to let in as much light as possible.

3. Choose a location that is clutter free.

Whether you’re shooting indoors or out, you want to make the costume the star of the show, not the mess in the background. I chose a walking path near our old home. The color of her costume pops and the focus is definitely my little Super Girl! If you need to shoot in your home, clear the room and get rid of anything. Your front door or backyard are great options if you don’t want to stray too far from home. Just keep in mind the lighting tips we talked about above. You want to make sure your front door or porch is shaded.

4. Get in close.

There are usually a lot of fun accessories with a Halloween costume. Don’t forget to capture them! Get in nice and close and grab some detail shots. And don’t be afraid to try some interesting compositions. Shoot close, far away, from above, from below. Be creative!

5. Include a few props.

As long as it makes sense for the costume. Is your child dressing up as Snow White? How about including a basket of apples! Do you have a Star Wars fan? I bet your child would love showing off his/her lightsaber moves.

Remember, you don't need a fancy camera to capture these memories. Grab your smartphone, check out my quick tips for taking better photos of your kids with your iPhone and GET SNAPPING!