MINI SESSION Vs. SIGNATURE FAMILY SESSION: Which one is right for you?

Fall Desert Family Photo session with SweetLife Photography

Fall Desert Family Photo session with SweetLife Photography

MINI SESSION OR SIGNATURE FAMILY SESSION…How to determine which session is right for you

As I’m sure you are well aware if you follow me on instagram or facebook, mini session season is about to kick off! I get all sorts of questions about the differences and similarities between my minis and standard (signature sessions as they are known around here) sessions, and so I thought I would write a little guide to help you decide which is right for you.

Note: Both of the images above are taken from a Signature Family session. The image on the left is a typical image we try to prioritize at mini sessions, because, well...Christmas cards. While the image on the right is one that we would only be able to get in a full session with some extra time on our hands. 


| Time |

Mini: Mini sessions are a 20 minute stretch of time. In that time, I prioritize getting traditional, everyone looking at the camera and smiling shots, as well as each combination of family members (mom and dad alone, mom and dad with baby #1 or #2, mom with baby, dad with baby, siblings, etc). If everyone is in a good mood and we get those all right away, we move onto candids and more natural moments, which are my jam! If your child is slow to warm, or has a hard time staying still for the traditional shots, since those are the priority, we may not get a chance to get candid shots.

Signature: I typically spend 45 minutes to an hour photographing each client for my Signature sessions. That gives us plenty of time to get to know one another, let the little ones get comfortable with me and their new environment, take snack breaks and make any outfit changes (if you choose). It also allows me to get my favorite more candid, natural photos as well as those sweet detail shots, like little hands, eyelashes, and tender moments between individual family members. It also allows for some wiggle room if a client is running late or needs a little extra time to warm up.

| Location | 

Mini: Minis are held at a pre-determined location. I always try to choose versatile, universally exciting locations for my minis. In order to make minis work, and leave enough time to spend with my signature family session clients each busy season, once mini session locations are set and released, that’s it for the year. I do try to choose locations new to all my clients, and this year’s locations are AWESOME - I promise!

Signature: I work with each family to pick a location that is meaningful or exciting or brand new to them. Depending on your expectations, and family needs, we generally choose one versatile location, but it’s always totally up to you. I often do in-home sessions for families with kids on different nap schedules, or people who are celebrating a new home or new addition to their family.

| Cost |

Fall Minis are $250 each and Signature Family Sessions are $450 each.

| Number of Images |

 I guarantee a minimum number of images for each of my sessions. For minis, I guarantee 10 images, while for standard newborn and family sessions, I deliver at least 40 images.


| One-on-One Attention |

No matter how you walk through my proverbial doors, or what type of session you have, I always deliver one-on-one attention to each member of your family. I will always turn into a full blown clown for any toddler needing a laugh, and I will snuggle any baby you need me to so you can fix your hair or snuggle your spouse. Even in a 20 minute mini session, I consider my clients my friends, and I always try my best to make sure no one feels rushed or uncomfortable.

| Photography Style |

What you see on my website is what you get. I will always deliver a life-like edit, with a focus on natural smiles and candid moments between loved ones. I encourage tickle fights and will probably make you kiss on camera in front of your kids. I generally discourage formal attire and try to focus on natural connection, even if everyone is smiling and looking.

| Final Product |

All of my sessions are all-inclusive. That means that you will receive all of your final digital files, in high-resolution to download. Your gallery is linked to my favorite professional printer and new this year, I'm offering the option to order your holiday cards from my new photo card partner at deep discounts (seriously, the designs are amazing, go check it out!) You are welcome to use that, or not. Totally up to you, but the files are yours, forever and always.

So there you have it! If you have any additional questions, you are always welcome to e-mail here. If you are ready to book, you can read about how to do that for my Signature Family session here, and my mini sessions here. As you know already, the Fall is my busiest time of year so make sure you don't miss out and book your session today!!