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Mommy and daughter in pink

Mommy and daughter in pink

I am so excited to offer these Mommy + Me mini sessions this year – it has been something that I have had in my heart for a while now.

I know as mommy’s we live in the everyday. We spend 24-7 in the trenches, we are there for the princess band aids and the icky muddy fingers…we see our children at their best and at their not so best (ha-ha)…we have days where we feel like the superhero, Miss America and Supernanny all in one. Then we have days where we can’t remember the last time we actually took a shower, our hair is in yet another not-so-beautiful messy ponytail and we have on yoga pants, AGAIN!  Well, this session is dedicated to you, mama!

This session is for are always the one behind the camera snapping images of everyone else with YOUR kids. It's your turn.

This session is for HER… so she looks back at these images in 20 years and doesn’t see the mess you feel like but the beauty in the way you loved her.

This session is for HIM… so that he will always know that no one will ever be able to love him as much as you do and he will be able to see that love radiate from every ounce of you!

Moments of Motherhood Spring Mini Sessions

THE DATE: April 22, 2018

THE TIME: 15 minute sessions. Only 83 spots remain - 8:15am, 8:30am and 8:45am

THE LOCATION: The Agnes Family Farm in Gilbert, AZ - private property

This session will be everything you want it to be and more!  We will strip away the props and the fluff and we will just capture the emotion…we will capture the essence of what it means to YOU to be their mother!  We will capture the moments of what it means to them to be loved BY you.  We will snuggle and play, tickle, blow bubbles, swing, read books, we will dance, we will laugh and most of all WE WILL LOVE! I choose a darling farm in Gilbert, AZ that is sure to inspire genuine play and connection while also creating a new and fun experience for everyone!

Now, I know you already have a million excuses swirling around in that head of yours for why today isn't the right day for this type of session. A million more reasons why you just can’t do it now but maybe next year. But hear me out... from a mother who HAS SAID ALL OF THOSE THINGS TO MYSELF. Tomorrow isn't guaranteed…TODAY IS YOUR DAY…this is your time, your turn and I promise you, heck I pinky swear, that you WILL NOT REGRET THIS! Take a deep breath and trust me, not just as a fellow mommy, but as YOUR photographer that wants nothing more than to capture these moments for you to remember and cherish forever.

THE PACKAGE: $175 plus tax

Session fee includes a 15 min session and 10 full resolution digital files (to be digitally downloaded).