TOP 3 reasons to print your images


TOP 3 reasons to Print your Images

You researched photographers. You found just the right one that speaks to your mama heart. You spend hours upon hours planning and curating outfits.

Things go great at your session. You come away feeling more connected to your crew than you did when you arrived. You actually enjoyed having photos done.

Now what?

Well, then you wait for a week (at least that's the turn around if I am "said photographer that spoke to your mama heart").

Your gallery is bursting with beautiful images from your session. Your photographer truly captured YOUR family. Your STORY. You absolutely LOVE your gallery.

EEEEK! You're excited to share your new images with the world. Trust me, I too, LOVE having access to my digital photos. I love swiping through them on my phone from day to day and having a favorite glued to my Home and Lock screen. But please tell me that's not where this ends. All that effort and all that planning only to have the images get buried in your camera roll after a month? 

Girl, you have to print those gorgeous images too!  

Printing your images seals the deal - the tangible product of all the effort you made. Your life, your family in print is the most meaningful way that you can enjoy your photographs. They become so much more than just a digital proof from a photoshoot. If facts are your jam or if you need just a smidge more convincing, here are my top 3 reasons to print your images...

  1. Relive the moment. Printed photos invoke much more emotion than staring at an image on a computer screen. A print is tangible. You can hold it. You can appreciate it. You can spend time with it. Hanging it on the wall allows you to stop as you pass it in the morning, or enjoy it as you enjoy a cup of coffee.

  2. Technology comes and goes. Don’t let your precious memories get lost in the "digital graveyard" only to be unretrievable when hard drives or disks become extinct.

  3. The digital world is fleeting. These days, the lifespan of digital photos is pretty minuscule; post a photo and share it on social media where your connections spend a day or two liking it and commenting on it, then it all but disappears into your phone's camera roll and into the social media abyss. Having physical proofs, especially ones that are displayed around your house, means those images can live on for years and maybe even generations if you pass them down to your kids or grandkids.

Make the time to place that order. I promise, you will never regret it.