Sandra Day O' Connor Senior : EMILY | Glendale Senior Portrait Photographer

Just throwin' it out there that photography is NOT a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. Just because one can work a camera with knowdlege and ability that doesn't typically mean that the same someone can/will succeed at any type of photography. For instance, a photographer who specializes in maternity photography or newborn photography -- and by "specialize" I am talking about the type of session either they prefer or connect to or that they believe they are good or better at. For me, I can't get enough of lifestyle photography - maternity, newborn, family you name it - I LOVE it as long as it's natural, candid and REAL.

I don't claim to specialize in senior portrait photography simply because I haven't shot a ton of them, but I sure do love shooting them! I swear, after each one I've shot, I always think, "Why don't I shoot more of these?" Man, the seniors I've worked with make conducting the shoots easy - unlike my usual 1 to 4 year old clients! Ha-ha! Maybe I should add them to my repertoire....??? ;-)

Well, beautiful Emily was no different. She was quite leery of all the attention she knew would be getting at first and Mom mentioned she was a little nervous about meeting at a busy community park. Luckily, I typically shy away from the busy areas of a park so after I told her that, she immediately breathed a little sigh of relief. By the end of the session her anxieties had drifted away and her playful, confident and super sweet personality shined through. For me, that is the ONLY thing that I do the same at all my photography sessions - strive to capture the real YOU, showcasing sincere emotions and true personalities.

Her sweet, peaceful demeanor and the amazingly brilliantly blooming desert made for a perfect senior portrait photo session.

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