The Berlew Family

I've always been a morning person. I love the freshness of a new morning. I love the promise the day brings. I love the light. As a photographer, I think I actually (dare I say it out loud) prefer shooting a morning sunrise family session over the traditional evening golden hour session. Everyone is so alert and ready to conquer whatever the day has to offer... even a family photo shoot!

These precious twin brothers and their wonderfully awesome parents met me recently on a chilly (for Phoenix) Sunday morning right at sunrise for their first official family photo session. Baby T (the twin in the blue and green plaid - who mom and dad lovingly called "the Quaker" because of how he was dressed - ha ha!) was stoic and slower to warm than his little bro. Baby B (he actually is the younger of the twins and was given the nickname of "the Amish boy" for their session) who was all smiles and silly faces for the whole sunrise session.

With the gorgeous Phoenix desert as our backdrop, this loving family needed little direction but gave me so much to capture. Their interaction was genuine and beautiful and the warm and beautiful AZ sunrise was truly second to none.

Phoenix family sunrise photoTwin brothers at family sunrise photo session