What is Lifestyle Newborn Photography?

All newborn photographers are NOT the same. Yes, the majority of newborn photographers set out to replicate the sweet, sleepy baby swaddled and snuggled on a posing bean bag wearing tiny headbands or beanies. Well, I'm here to enlighten you on a different approach to newborn photography. A style that I hope more and more parents will start to consider and appreciate. I call it in-home lifestyle newborn photography and it's my favorite! So...what is in-home lifestyle newborn photography, you ask? Keep reading. 
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TIMING ISN'T EVERYTHING.  For studio/posed newborn photography it is of the utmost importance to schedule the session before the baby is two weeks old. Reason be is that in order to obtain those squishy, snuggly poses the baby needs to get settled into a deep sleep before working with them. This typically occurs in those first two “adjusting to life outside the womb” weeks. So, after baby is sleeping soundly (fingers crossed), then comes the posing, then snapping the shot then changing positions, poses, backdrops and repeat. Phew! This process (needless to say) can be lengthy and patience is everything.

But, during an in-home natural newborn session the element of time (and age of baby) doesn’t really play a key factor.  I encourage mom and dad to take their time getting settled back in at home. After all, Mom might need a few extra days for recovery (especially if you are a c-section mommy, like I was…twice) and big brother or sister is still getting used to the idea of the new baby. A natural in-home newborn shoot can be scheduled anytime. Literally, your baby could be 3 months old! The focus is primarily on the interaction and connection between the new baby and the family, his or her new surroundings and is much less centered around obtaining the “perfect pose."

Scottsdale Lifestyle Newborn Photographer | SweetLife Photography

COMFORTS OF HOME. The thought of traveling (even in town to a photographers studio) with a newborn can be daunting for some new parents. In-home newborn sessions are conducted in the comfort of a clients home.  Having your photo session take place in your home provides a level of intimacy and a personal touch to your lifestyle images that would be missing from a studio session.  Imagine having images of baby in his/her own nursery or snuggling with Mama in their favorite chair. Big brother or sister climbing up the side of the crib for a quick peek. As an in-home lifestyle photographer, I vow to capture the details that make your family special and this time in your life (and baby's) memorable.

Phoenix Lifestyle Newborn Photographer | SweetLife PhotographyA FAMILY IS BORN, not just a baby. We all know baby is the “star” of a newborn session but his or her family and home play crucial supporting roles. In a lifestyle session your home is the backdrop and your family are my “props”. The goal is use mom, dad, brother/sister and even family pets to tell the story of the new baby’s arrival into the family. What an amazing gift to give your baby. He or she will be able to pull out these photos someday and see exactly what they looked like (and later compare to their own newborn) how the nursery was decorated, how beautiful mom was in her postpartum glow, how enamored dad was with them and how curious and excited the older sibling was. Capturing real moments of your real family is the essence of in-home photography.

Scottsdale Lifestyle Newborn Photographer | SweetLife Photography

So, there you have it.  A little 4-1-1 on the lesser known newborn lifestyle photography that hopefully you will all get to know and love just as much as I do!

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