WHY I DON'T POSE NEWBORNS | Phoenix Natural Newborn Photographer

When I tell people I’m a photographer, I get all sorts of questions depending on who I’m talking to, but I get some more than others. One of the main assumptions is that all newborn photographers are created equal. Well, they aren't. Studio photographers are experts at posing newborns on bean bags, in buckets or baskets. They have a fantastic collection of backdrops and props and swaddle wraps. I tried my hand at the newborn posing and early on bought tons of props and a bean and a backdrop stand and had a hearty collection of wraps and beanies. I soon found out, that style of photography just is not MY thing.

The reason I got into newborn photography in the first place is because I was obsessed with taking pictures of my first daughter when she was a baby. I wanted to remember every dimple, every smile, hell, even the newborn acne. I wanted to remember it all.

I tried to figure out what kind of newborn photographer I wanted to be and scoured Pinterest, staring at posed newborns, but the shots that stood out the most were the babies in their natural environment. I certainly did not connect with the perfectly composed with flawlessly airbrushed skin (because that's what I called it before I knew the ins and outs of photo editing), bundled in a basket in a studio, those images just don't tell the story I want to tell. That, my friends, is why I don’t pose newborns. I walk in, and I let my clients be with their babies. Soak them in, let them make that silly face they make, or put their hand up by their face like they did in an ultrasound. I photograph them in their own homes, mess and all, because I can guarantee that will all be one big blur in a few years, and I want to bring my clients right back to that moment, when they had a wriggly little cooing newborn in their arms, and were exhausted, overwhelmed, and so grateful to have this new life join their family.


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