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Whether you have a family photography session annually or once every couple of years, your choice to invest in family photography actually has an impact on your family and life in several profound ways. Aside from the obvious reasons like your photo session bringing your family together, the overall session experience and viewing the final images actually serves as a sweet reminder to each family member of their love for one another. Sessions have even been known to solicit some spontaneous  joy (as long as you choose the right photographer). 

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Here are some more of my favorite reasons Why Yearly Family Photos are So Important…

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Capture changes in your family

From first steps to braces to high school, as your kids grow up, you don’t want to miss a moment. Having an annual family photo taken allows you to document all the changes in your family, whether it’s a new addition or a rapidly growing child. Professional family photos will be something you and your children can look back on for years to come.  As a mom of two, I know just how much my children love looking at pictures from when they were babies, or just started walking, or even just last year!

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Create art for your home + boost your child’s self esteem

Did you know the simple act of having your families’ photographs hung in your house increases your children's self-esteem?  Studies show that having your family photographed and having your loving portraits displayed prominently in your home sends the message that your family is important to one another...and that you honor the memories you created together.  David Krauss, a licensed psychologist from Cleveland, Ohio says, “I think it is really important to show a family as a family unit.  A photographer’s job is to create and make the image look like a safe holding space for kids where they are safe and protected.  Kids get it on a really simple level.”

These days, families are increasingly viewing their images exclusively in a digital form, be it a mobile device, a laptop, or on social media.  But does an image on a mobile phone, tablet or computer screen have the same impact for helping families boost a child’s self-esteem? Read more HERE

Start a tradition

Whether you grew up taking family photos or not, it’s a great tradition to start with your family. Someday your grandchildren and maybe even their children will look back on your family photos, so it’s important to have quality, professional images for future generations to enjoy. And once you start the tradition of taking family photos each year, your children can continue it when they have families of their own.  So many of my clients really adore their family portraits and appreciate the value they bring to their home and life when they display them in their home.

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Eliminate the stress of taking your own photos

Instead of trying to organize and shoot a family photo yourself, a professional can do the work for you. Professional photographers work frequently with families and children and will know how to keep your kids happy and get them to pose. Even better, they can often help with printing the photos, so you know you’re getting the best quality images of your family.

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Next time you’re thinking about how much you need an updated family photo, consider scheduling a session with a photographer (like me!)—and make it a tradition that your family can enjoy for years to come.

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