Fine Art School Portraits


Fine Art School Portraits


“Not your average School photo”

One of my favorite things about taking photographs of children is that they have no inhibitions. They wear their emotions on their sleeve and aren’t afraid to show them.

As a parent, I want to remember each of these expressions as my child gets older.  I don’t want the fake “cheese” smile.  I want their belly laugh expression; their little wrinkly nose giggle; their “I don’t know about this” glare or that squinty super grin!

Traditional school portraits don’t capture all that. So forget those stiff and forced school photos.

I want to highlight the awesomeness that is your child.

What to expect:

I want to capture your child’s personality in all it’s glory.  I will likely play games, talk to them, and make funny noises to engage with them.  I will never ask them to say “cheese” because I want to get their true smiles.  I have children’s music on hand as well.  I go with the flow of the child and their mood.  If you have a little one that needs you, I will have them sit on your lap while I take their picture.  Your child’s comfort is very important to me.


Is ten minutes long enough for a session?

The truth is…it really is. Especially for school-aged kids. Toddlers and babies might take a little longer but most children warm up pretty quickly and are incredibly expressive when they are talking.  I love engaging with kids (and have two of my own) so I’m able to draw out some cute, authentic smiles rather quickly.


Fine Art School Portraits by SweetLife Photography

What to wear??

 Photos are taken from the waist up.  Make sure that the child’s outfit fits him/her well so that the top of their shirt or dress is not bunching up around their ears.

I am providing the option of a black or white backdrop.  I would steer away from navy or black if you want a black backdrop so that your child’s outfit does not blend in with the background. Otherwise, I always recommend to keep things simple and neutral. Solid colors always photograph nicely whereas large logo’s, graphics and busy patterns tend to take away from the focus… your cute kid!

 I will have wipes on hand to wipe noses or snack debris.  I can edit small scratches or marks, but I do not edit out nail polish colors or fake tattoos.

Once your photographs are ready, I will send you an email with your gallery, where you can view your 5 digital images. You are welcome to download those and print and use as you wish. Expect photos to be ready within 7-10 days of your session date.