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The Mama behind the camera…

Not gonna lie, writing this ABOUT ME page is awkward for me. Because, it's not really about me. This is about YOU and figuring out if I am the right the photographer for you.

So, let's do this. 

Motherhood, family life and photography are my truest passions. As a mom, it is my soul's desire to capture my girl's childhood and that is what continues to motivate, inspire and drive my family photography art and business.

I actually started this whole "photography thing" when my oldest daughter was brand new. I simply couldn't fight the overwhelming desire to capture her cuteness and my ol' 2009 iPhone camera just wasn't cutting it. Enter... my first DSLR camera. Seven years, 3 fancy cameras and a second baby girl later (yep, I'm a #girlmom), photography is SO much more than taking a “good” picture. I’m self-taught and will always consider myself a student. I’m an ever-evolving mom, wife, business woman and of course, photographer. Photography has become a solution to a problem so many of us Mama's share; it's a way to freeze time; to push pause and enjoy this very moment, essentially, forever. What a gift, amiright?!?!

My sweet spot is for those moments in during a session that are natural and honest. Of course, I get a couple “everyone smiling at the camera” but I truly love creating connection by guiding my clients into poses that feel (and ultimately look) unposed rather than stiff and forced - so no, it’s not a free-for-all, I still offer direction during the session - just in a natural more real way that puts everyone at ease. As a result, I deliver galleries chocked full of images that truly capture the personality of and love shared between a family.  

I'm with you from inquiry to styling to session and beyond, many of my clients become friends and I'd love to be considered to document whatever stage your family is in.  

Now you've heard a bit more about my story, let's connect about how we can tell yours. 

xoxo, Amanda

Meet Amanda of SweetLife Photography

so much more than just a good family photo…

photo by Karina Endsley

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